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The BEST Personal Growth Advice

By Dr. Scott E. Rosenthal

Is happiness what you seek? Richer relationships? Perhaps your quest is for a calmness even when the stressed-out masses swarm around your every step? Want to know the secrets of attracting love, wealth and the life of your dreams? Desire an in-shape body and healthier you? If your answer is YES… great- READ ON!

The best news is that the “life-changing” information in this column is offered, for today only, FREE of CHARGE! No obligations or subscriptions. No equal monthly payments. You will not be asked for your birth date, credit card number or mother’s maiden name. You will not even be asked if all of your questions were answered. There will be NO recording of conversations for customer satisfaction training or artificially kind words with the pretense to care- “T-H-A-N-K  Y-O-U   F-O-R   R-E-A-D-I-N-G   T-O-D-A-Y… H-A-V-E   A   N-I-C-E   D-A-Y…!”

You probably recorded hours of PBS with Deepak, Wayne or other great wise men or women? Have a library of shelves stacked with every best selling book from each guru to grace the airwaves with Opera or Larry King? CDs, MP3s, workshop notes, sacred texts or a good friend on a soapbox? With all of that, you may still be asking what gems can this column give me that will better my life?  The answer may surprise you- IT’S… nothing!

Yes, this month’s article is going to tell you nothing that you don’t already know. Wait…please wait before you turn the page…really- please continue reading!

All of the people and sources of valuable information mentioned above are recommended, helpful and appreciated. The concern is that you may have an analysis paralysis or be riding on a continual train of distraction? That is a consuming quest for the right way or answers- the next book, seminar, weight loss fad or SECRET? You end up searching, learning and adding and never implementing. Perhaps it’s far easier to keep looking than to take the necessary actions to make a difference in your life?

Waiting to implement only after you have a PERFECT understanding is another trap of inaction! Your mind may think: “as soon as I completely understand… have it down… I will do it!” Again, no action for change is set forth outside of dreaming about it happening in the future. You are paralyzed with analysis!

Most of the answers to an improved life are simple and swimming around in the well of information already within your mind. The best results come with techniques and practices that are worked a little each day. In order to learn nothing new, but to grow more than ever before, please take the following actions steps:

  • Think about the first five concepts/techniques/habits that come to mind that worked for you in your past.
  • Revisit your library and get reacquainted with the information, if needed.
  • Fast from learning anything new (EXCEPTION: keep reading all of the columns in Living.Well Magazine…of course!).
  • Don’t think, analyze or wonder!
  • Do it!

Once the above five are a normal part of your improved life, you may choose another five and start the implementation process again.

By simply DOING what you already know on a regular basis, you will bring about lasting results and help you achieve your heart’s desire. After all, you have nothing to lose from doing nothing new. You have everything to gain… something can come from nothing! There is nothing else to say?