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Back Pain, Severe Headache and Stomach Pain

Chiropractic care has given me my body back!

I had been suffering from chronic headaches for more than 10 years.  Medication didn’t help and my doctor had given up.  I also had terrible joint and low back pain for over a year.  After months of testing, I was told I had arthralgia and it couldn’t be treated.  My pain just got worse.  I was extremely dissatisfied and afraid I was going to have to give up my active lifestyle. My mom convinced me to give chiropractic a try!

My first impression of Dr. Rosenthal and his office staff was that they were very nice, easy to talk to, and genuinely interested in helping me.  Within two months of starting chiropractic care, nearly all of my joint and low back pain was gone. My headaches are minimal and my entire outlook has greatly improved.  Dr. Rosenthal also suggested herbal supplements that have eliminated three months of stomach pain.  I have stopped taking all medications prescribed by my doctor. I am feeling better than I have in 10 years!

Without the constant headaches and body pain, I can play more actively with my children, care for my horses, do housework/gardening, and enjoy life again.  I don’t have any more back and hip pain waking me up.  I had to drastically cut down on horseback riding and I stopped taking trapeze classes.  Now, I am enjoying both of them again! I feel less distracted and don’t have to constantly ask my children to be quiet.

Chiropractic care has given me my body back.  I no longer worry that something will hurt.  I can finally enjoy my five children and our active lifestyle.  I have encouraged all of my friends to try chiropractic care!


Chiropractic and Massage Made the Difference!

I am 50+ and in decent shape.  I have loved to dance since I was little and have taken ballet and other forms of dance throughout my school years and into my work and family years.  I knew I never had the right physiology or enough talent to be a great dancer, but have continued to take a ballet or jazz class once or twice a week to show I still can.  Hmmm... sounds like a weekend warrior, right?  Anyway, I have had chronic lower back pain for seven or eight years (linked to compensating for an ankle injury around that time) and intermittent hip/back pain from college dance injuries for years before that, plus a nagging neck and tennis elbow-like pain for a couple of years.

Around 2005, I started chiropractic – working with at least 6 different chiropractors or physical therapists over the years.  I have seen results with each for about the first four sessions, then the results plateau, I keep going for a while, then I give up after two or three months.  But the pain always continues, eventually getting back to an intolerable point where I try another chiropractor and it plateaus again.  A couple of years ago, I found a chiropractor who seemed to be more effective than any other I’d tried, and wouldn’t you know, he moved away to a different state!  Argh!  I even tried acupuncture, which seemed to work in the first session, but not the two subsequent tries.  All through this, I have continued with weekly yoga, ballet, or strength and conditioning classes, which has helped me stay in shape, but unfortunately, still in pain.

After reading one of Dr. Scott Rosenthal’s articles in Living Well magazine, I thought it sounded like his technique was closest to that of the chiropractor who moved away.  I found that Dr. Scott’s adjustments did indeed make good progress, and was impressed with his repertoire of KST and soft tissue techniques – magic if you ask me!   He uses these less-known techniques, in addition to traditional adjustments, to successfully undo my bad muscle habits and nerve memories from many years of ballet and injuries.  Just when I was afraid I might be reaching another plateau, I met Christine Eckery, one of the orthopedic massage therapists in Dr. Scott’s practice, as I was at the reception desk making my next appointment.  I explained the issues Dr. Scott was helping me with, and she did a quick range of motion assessment as we were standing there, gave me one simple stretch to do when my forearm pain flared up, and I was amazed over the next few days that it worked!

Don’t expect a nice relaxing spa massage – I hesitate to even call it a massage.  This is an interactive working session where the therapist will manipulate your muscles, joints, and connective tissue to find where the issues are, then she will “massage” the specific spot to “melt” or move the tissue into a better position for a new habit.  Christine has an amazing sense of where pinches and energy blockages are, but you are an active participant in her detective work.  So you must listen to your body, react to her manipulations, and communicate back to get the best results.  Often tender spots are found where you don’t even know they exist, and manipulating them can unlock what seems to be an unrelated area.  For instance, she has spent lots of time trying to reset my ankles and calves.  My years of ballet “turnout” have caused me to roll out on my foot, which causes me to not push off evenly when I walk, which causes me to have a twist in my sacrum, which causes my hamstrings to tighten, which causes my back to compensate – and ouch!  The ankle bone is truly connected to the backbone!  Just like the kids’ song!  Then she moved on to my neck, forearm, and hamstrings for similar detecting, manipulating, and retraining.  In addition to her manipulating and coercing muscles to relax and relearn a new way, she also gave me exercises to strengthen the complimentary muscles to help retain the new pattern.

Dr. Scott’s adjustments and Christine’s orthopedic manipulations have worked together with a special synergy.  And their spirituality and caring, which are sorely lacking in most healthcare providers, add immensely to the holistic healthcare they provide.  A couple of weeks ago, I had my first pain-free yoga class in years!  It was a very emotional moment when I realized that I went through the whole class without struggling with ever-present pain.  It is indeed strange to realize how much pain I had put up with daily and had learned to ignore – until it was gone!  Not to say that I am pain-free, but I am still working on that.  But most times my “pain” is natural soreness from stretching and exercise or comes back if I ignore my posture, but no longer constantly there.

My new mantra or intention, for both my body and my life, is, “Strength… to move forward… in a new way.”


Sinus Headaches are GONE, Sleeping all night & I can Multi-Task & Remember More!

I am so glad that I finally came to see Dr. Rosenthal for chiropractic care.  Problems that I seem to have had forever, 40 years or so of neck tension, stiffness, and constant dull pain; irregular bowels and sinus pressure that caused nightly headaches and have been a part of my life.  For my neck, I tried heating pads, different pillows, aspirin, and exercise.  For my sinuses, I have tried Vick’s in and around my nose. Usually, I just had to sleep upright on the couch. Sometimes I had temporary relief, but help just didn’t last, and I feared I would live with this for the rest of my life.

This year I celebrated my 60th birthday. It was time to take care of me, and my insurance covered the care. I came to see Dr. Rosenthal. I found a warm, friendly, helpful office staff.  The office is a pleasant, relaxed environment with many educational materials.

What a change in my health I experienced!  I can sleep ALL night, and feel more relaxed and pleasant.  I feel able to do more and am not as tired and achy.  I feel younger than sixty years now that my neck pains and sinus headaches are gone.  I feel like I can now walk a marathon since there is now less strain on my legs. My concentration has improved since the headaches are gone.  I can multitask and remember more.  Even my driving has improved since I can turn my head around further for passing.

The chiropractic lifestyle has opened my eyes to what a well-built body can do. I feel more youthful and can go all day without getting tired out.  I am eating less and am in balance.  Everybody needs chiropractic care. It can change your life. You have no idea how well you can feel again.


Feeling and Acting like Myself Again


I came to Rosenthal Chiropractic because of an intense pain in my neck that would go down my right arm. From this pain, I would sometimes experience horrible headaches. This problem started several months ago, and it has been persistent constantly since then. My physician told me that the problem was a pinched nerve, and the only treatments he offered were to take drugs such as Tylenol and use ice and heat to soothe the pain. Following my physician's care only caused the problem to worsen, and I feared Tylenol addiction or having to get the surgery done.

What finally led to my decision to try chiropractic for this particular problem was that I had been to Dr. Rosenthal years ago, and he was able to help me then so I thought it would be a wise idea to try him again. My first impression of the office was that it was extremely comfortable, and not stuffy like other doctors' offices. It was very clean and had positive energy. Dr. Scott (Rosenthal) is a nice man, and the girls are great and very friendly.

Since being under Chiropractic care, my arm bothers me considerably less, and the pain has reduced immensely. My back is also much better, and because of that, I can sleep more comfortably through the night. I have also noticed that my energy has increased making it easier to get things done around the house. Even though I am under a great deal of stress, being in less pain helps me to function better throughout the day and be more able to handle the events of the day. My immune system is much stronger since I have been adjusted regularly. I've noticed this because I am much healthier and without colds.

Overall my experience with chiropractic has been extremely positive. I feel much better after each adjustment, and I can function at my optimum level. Every time I hear someone complain to me about any aches and pains or tell me about other problems that may involve their immune system, I simply tell them to try Chiropractic for themselves.


Good-bye Pain — Good-bye Cane

When I first came to see Dr. Rosenthal, I walked with a cane and had severe back problems. I was in pain every single day. After my double knee surgery four years ago, I tried physical therapy and painkillers. Nothing helped, and I needed to find relief.

Since I had previously been a chiropractic patient, I decided to go back for chiropractic care again. I found Dr. Rosenthal’s office to be a comfortable, friendly place. I am so happy that I made the right decision.

Under Dr. Rosenthal’s care, I am finally pain-free. My back feels wonderful! I am off of the pain medication, and my cane is no longer needed! The benefits are so far-reaching thanks to chiropractic. My energy level has soared, and I am sleeping more soundly. My overall health is better, and my ability to concentrate has improved.

I want to share my experience with everyone I can, so more people can regain their health with chiropractic. It really works!


Half the Time with Twice the Results

I came to see Dr. Rosenthal because I was having back pain that was so intense I would notice it all through the day. Then it would interfere with my ability to get a full night's sleep. I first noticed this problem the night before Thanksgiving, and I have noticed it daily ever since. Before coming in to see Dr. Rosenthal, I tried using a heating pad and taking Advil to take away some of the discomforts. That's about all it did; it masked the pain. It did not fix it.

I was led to try chiropractic care for my problem because I did not have the time to spend an hour every day at physical therapy. My first impression of chiropractic was great! The staff, as well as the doctor, made me feel very comfortable. Since being under care, all of my symptoms have gone away, and I now have pain-free uninterrupted sleep.

With chiropractic care, my energy has greatly improved, and the pain no longer limits how much I can get done. My sleep is 100% better. I am no longer interrupted by the pain through the night.

I have learned so much about the Chiropractic lifestyle, and it has positively impacted my life. Chiropractic is most definitely for me. I tell everyone I know to try it because it can really make an impact on one's life.


Blurred Vision - Increased Mobility

For a couple of years, I have had neck, lower back, and shoulder pain which caused numbness in my arms. I was unable to do my gardening or even iron, and I had fear of walking without pain. I was taking Tylenol for the pain, but it only worked temporarily. I was told by my doctor that I would have to wear a neck brace. I also had blurred vision, and I had an appointment set up for laser eye surgery.

My friend referred me to Dr. Rosenthal, and right off, I felt very welcomed. Everyone was friendly and willing to help. After starting care, my pain is gone. My activity and energy level have increased so much. I do not fear walking anymore, and I can garden without pain.

I now sleep more soundly. I no longer have to take painkillers or any sleep aids. Because of the care, I have been receiving, I no longer have blurred vision, and I canceled my laser eye surgery.

I advise others to try chiropractic. I tell them there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. Chiropractic has set me free!


Bowling Scores Increased


I was exhausted from my chronic pain and was getting no relief. My past care had been very dissatisfying, I was on painkillers and muscle relaxants. I didn't like the idea of taking pills and only having temporary relief. All the medication was doing was masking my symptoms.

My passion in life is my kids, and also I love bowling. With all the discomfort I was having, I couldn't even hold my kids in my arms without pain. Bowling was so painful for my neck, back, and hips. I needed relief, so I thought I would try chiropractic. Everyone in the office was so understanding, and that made the experience very comfortable. The painkillers and muscle relaxants that I had been taking were just masking the symptoms and not treating the problem. I very much disliked taking pills and needed a better alternative. After only a few months of care, I am now no longer taking pills. I fall asleep much faster at night with less tossing and turning. My bowling performance has increased so much that my scores are a lot higher. Most important I can hold my kids again and be pain-free. I do recommend chiropractic to everyone.


Degenerative Disk Disease, Decreased Pain, Loss of Weight

I was involved in athletics as a child and teenager. I was a defensive tackle for football in high school. A few years after high school, I joined the navy. I was in the service for 3 years. I was having chronic back pain, but at the age of 26, I was noticing a lot more discomfort and pain in my lower back and knees. I saw doctors and was told I had degenerative disk disease in my L4 and L5. With increased pain, I started getting numbness in my legs and tingling in my fingers. The pain caused me to have a limp. I was told that the only option I had was not to exercise, but my doctor did recommend physical therapy. To me, that was quite a contradiction, but I tried physical therapy, and it only made the pain go away temporarily. I was advised that I could either get a steroid blocker shot or fusion surgery. At that time, I opted for the steroid blocker since I was being told by my neurosurgeon not to receive chiropractic care. So at that time, I didn't even consider it. Not being knowledgeable enough, I chose the shot, which was very painful. The shot only lasted about 6 months, and it never took the pain away. It only made it tolerable. I didn't want surgery, and I have been dealing with this for years now.

At 31 years old, my pain was still very bad and increasingly getting worse. I was put on painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicine and sleep aids because my back pain would keep awakening me at night. I just realized for myself that I would have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I was advised by my wife to try chiropractic. She has been getting care for quite a few months and I wondered how chiropractic could help me. My wife said, “Just try it and see”. I had seen how much it helped her. She had chronic back and knee pain, especially after the birth of our daughter. I felt I had nothing to lose. After the 1 st adjustment, I felt a lot better. I have been in care now for a few months, and I feel so much better. I no longer have to take any medications, and I am saving time and money on doctor's appointments. The numbness in my leg has disappeared, and I don't have that constant pain anymore. I have been able to lose weight with the increased energy I have. I can sleep through the night without pain. I no longer limp, and I can perform better at work and go up ladders and do more hard physical labor during the day. I leave without pain. Because of Dr. Rosenthal, my life has totally changed. I don't have to lie in bed because the pain is so bad anymore. I can be more active, and I can pick up my daughter and play with her without pain.

I tell everyone that chiropractic care has given me my life back and has given me the ability to live my life in a more fulfilled way. It has removed so much pain from my life and given me a better future with my wife and daughter.


I Have A Great Golf Swing Again


I never thought I would ever try chiropractic. My husband has been a patient of Dr. Rosenthal's since his father was in practice. My husband has played many sports. He is a dentist and is always having to lean over a chair. So, his neck and back bother him a lot. With chiropractic care, he has improved dramatically. He is still very active and continues with his care.

I am an avid golfer. After my car accident, I had pain and soreness in my neck which decreased my range of motion. I had chronic pain all day long. I never took any medications, but I needed relief. So, my husband suggested chiropractic, and I decided to start with care. Due to my whiplash, I could not lift things or golf like I used to. Chiropractic has lessened my whiplash symptoms dramatically. I now live pain and medication free. I never really took much medication, only when needed. I now feel so energetic. My golf swing has improved so much. I especially see a lot of difference right after my adjustments. I have my lowest rounds of golf a day or two after my adjustment. I sleep much better, and my energy level has increased dramatically. I live my life normally now due to chiropractic care. Thanks to chiropractic care, I am pain-free, sleep better, and my immune system is stronger so I am rarely ill.

In addition, our sons started care while playing sports (wrestling, football, and baseball) and are still active in care. Now our entire family is under care. I have a great golf swing again, and I now live every day with energy and vitality. I live my life every day with excitement that I can work, walk and golf while pain-free. I see what chiropractic care has done for me and my family, so I encourage others to seek care when I see them having back troubles or when in need.


Feeling Better Emotionally & Physically

I first came to see Dr. Rosenthal for pain in my lower back, neck, and shoulder, along with severe headaches and constant sinus infections. I have noticed these problems every day ever since I was about 40. Some of these problems are from 3 accidents that I was in. Before treatment at Dr. Rosenthal's, I was on pain medications and going to physical therapy regularly. In the long run, both caused depression because I was always in pain, seeing numerous doctors, on all sorts of medication, and with the grand outcome of temporary relief.

I decided to give Chiropractic a chance when a friend of mine mentioned she was seeing Dr. Rosenthal and liked the results she was getting. When I first came to this office I felt very comfortable with the doctor and his staff. It's now been several years since I first started and my quality has defiantly improved, and I have also drastically decreased the amount of medication that I was taking.

Since starting care I've noticed that I have been feeling better physically as well as emotionally. From not having to take all the medications my mind is clear and I am much more alert. When I was in all the pain it was difficult to do anything, now that it's gone I have a lot more energy to do everyday activities, such as walking which was painful. Even sleeping through the night, which was rare before because I would constantly wake up from the pain. My work performance has improved because I can use my arms more without hurting my neck or shoulders.

Along with everything else my sinus infections are down to a minimum, and I can enjoy yard work again. Altogether Chiropractic has made me more aware of how everything in the body is connected to the spine. I've also learned numerous educational things from Dr. Rosenthal's workshops. I could not be more pleased with my experience with Chiropractic and the healing power it has.


Waking Up Without Soreness For Once

I had first thought to go to a chiropractor because I would have lower backaches, soreness, and headaches when I would get up in the morning. I decided to go to the chiropractor when my wife told me I had to. I would wake up with these symptoms every day for the past 2 years, which wasn't the greatest way to start your day. I would take Advil for the soreness but relief would only last as long as the drugs would. I always feared that the problem would get worse and I did not want to take the pills forever.

My first impression of chiropractic was skeptical, but once I went to the office the staff made me feel very comfortable. Since I started care I have noticed that I am no longer sore when I get up in the morning and I have also noticed significantly fewer problems with my digestion. I've only had to take Advil on very rare occasions, and I am no longer taking my medication for my digestive problems.

After being under care I also saw some other aspects affected positively. My energy level has gone up and I'm not tired at work anymore; also my sleep patterns are better because I'm sleeping more soundly through the night. I have also noticed that my mental performance and concentration are much better, I can concentrate for longer periods. My immune system is so much improved because I have not been getting near as sick as I would have before chiropractic care.

I now see how chiropractic adjustments have made me a much more healthy person and that it is truly worth it for me to continue with care. If anyone asks me about chiropractic I simply say, “It has worked for me maybe it will work for you”.



I came to see Dr. Rosenthal because I was experiencing excruciating pain that would start in my left buttocks and shoot down the back of my leg ending in my foot. As a result of this pain, I have lost many nights of sleep and my everyday focus. The pain was constant; however, it was worse when I would sit. For as long as I can remember, I've always had this problem with my leg. I think working out on my ‘Gazelle' was the last straw. I have gone through so many treatments in the past that it's unbelievable. I've tried ointments for my muscular pain to physical therapy. Muscle relaxers would only work temporarily. Epidural Blocks were the only treatment that I felt any symptomatic relief.

I soon saw that this direction of care was not the answer. I feared that my problem would worsen, and I began to realize that I was becoming dependent on drugs. As a result of talking to a friend about her success with chiropractic, I became motivated to try it out. When I came to this office I felt very comfortable with Dr. Scott and his staff. Chiropractic was, without a doubt, my last resort.

Since being under the care of Dr. Scott I've gone from being miserable and uncomfortable to being happy, focused, and who I'm supposed to be. I've also noticed a change in my weight (for the better). I'm able to sleep better, I don't have to hang on the edge of the bed anymore, but I can sleep in it. I feel great! I'm off the prescriptions! I'm more active! I have a better take on life, and I can now do things that I have not been able to do for a long time. I know my energy has come back because I'm able to run all day without feeling tired or exhausted. I can walk longer distances without having to stop. I was hesitant to get back on my ‘Gazelle' at first but now I'm more confident in myself than ever before.

I feel so much healthier and happier than I have been and felt in a long while. I love the chiropractic lifestyle. I recommend it to everyone that will listen.

C. G.

Allergies and Fatigue

I decided to see Dr. Rosenthal because I was having pain in my lower back and tension in my neck and shoulders. I had also been fatigued, and I'd had headaches and bad allergies. I was having gastrointestinal problems. I noticed almost all of these problems throughout the day. I have been living with these symptoms continuously over the years. I tried physical therapy, which got no long-term results. I tried allergy medication, which I had to take all the time. And I worried about addiction or drug dependence. I finally listened to my family. They have been coming to see Dr. Rosenthal for years now and said that I should give it a try. So I did.

My first impression of the office was how friendly everyone was; it was very comfortable. I was very excited to be there. After starting care, I first noticed that the tension in my neck and shoulders relaxed. Then the pain in my lower back went away. Shortly after that, I discontinued taking my allergy medication, because I wasn't having any symptoms. Also, surprisingly, my energy went up. I wasn't expecting that to change, but it did. I am not as tired throughout the night shift as I was before.

Overall I feel less tense, I feel like I have more mobility. I'm less sleepy. My allergies have decreased, and I have more energy. I tell everyone that they should open their minds and try chiropractic out.



I have suffered from fibromyalgia for a couple of years. And at the age of 26, my symptoms had gotten bad enough that I found myself unable to work, and struggling to keep up with my two children. On a day-to-day basis, my symptoms would range from mild to terrible. To name a few of my symptoms, I had headaches that left me unable to think or function. I had pain in my joints and soft tissue that felt like the muscles were being torn. Any activity where my hands or arms had to be raised over my head left me physically exhausted. I had constant fatigue that mimicked sleep deprivation and over-exertion of the muscles. The list continues for quite some time. I had good days, bad days, and what my family calls “sick days.” When I was having a sick day, I was physically unable to do anything except lie around and wait until I started feeling better. Considering all of this, my husband and I were very concerned when we discovered that I was pregnant. We were thrilled; but very worried about how well I would be able to carry, deliver and care for an infant. Thus I started a new round of research on fibromyalgia to try to find some treatment that may provide some relief. That is when I heard that chiropractic services offered some relief to some fibromyalgia patients. At this point, I was willing to try anything.

Previously I had been given the maximum allowable dosage of Dexedrine, a stimulant, to combat the fatigue that I was experiencing. While the medicine did initially work very well at keeping me awake, it masked all of my other symptoms. So, instead of caring for my body, I continued to work, finish my graduate studies, care for my children, and, ultimately, push my body far too hard. It was when I began experiencing physical exhaustion when on this high dosage of the medicine that I realized that I needed to find a new solution. I had stopped working at this point to concentrate on my kids and my health, despite the financial repercussions. I went to my family doctor, several neurologists, rheumatologists, an internal medicine specialist, and several physical therapists. I was offered a diagnosis of fibromyalgia and was told that I could experiment with various treatments (painkillers, muscle relaxants, sleep aides, adjustments to my diet, stress management, yoga, herbal supplements, etc.) but that I should probably begin to cope with the fact that I was never going to recover. I was told countless times that my case was impressive in that I was so young and had one of the worst cases of fibromyalgia that the doctor in question had seen. My doctors all offered compassion while suggesting that I contemplate how my family would manage my illness.

I tried every suggestion that I was given. I hated all of the medication, as it was treating my symptoms and not whatever it was that was wrong with me. And after my experience with Dexedrine, I was very weary of treating just my symptoms. So I spent as much time as possible researching the illness on my own to try to find some hope. But I was told over and over again, that I was only setting myself up for failure and that I needed to deal with the “reality of the illness.” As treatment after treatment failed to make anything better, I began to lose hope that I would ever get better “enough” to be able to play on the floor with my kids again, go to work, or even be able to keep up with simple tasks like the laundry. I started to think of my future in terms of my illness. That is until I heard about the relief offered by chiropractic services. The report that I heard made complete sense to me. After all, I had suffered through a terrible car accident seven years ago which had damaged my neck. The report explained how the spinal cord was responsible for the functions and energy supply of the body, which again, made perfect sense. I spent a little time researching anatomy and physiology and all of the medical research supported the claims of the report, even if not chiropractic services themselves. And suddenly, I began to think that there might be some hope left.

When I called Dr. Rosenthal's office I was greeted by warmth and was able to easily schedule an appointment. After all of my previous medical experience, being able to schedule an appointment without having to jump through any proverbial hoops was astounding to me. However, nothing prepared me for my first visit to the office. I tend to be a fairly happy person, and am rarely able to vocalize the degree of my pain, frustration, or hopelessness. So when I was sitting in the office, I tried very deliberately to verbalize the absolute necessity of my feeling at least somewhat better before I had the baby. I prepared myself to hear something along the lines of “we won't be able to help you.” Instead, Dr. Rosenthal very calmly told me that he would be able to help me. He explained very clearly how he would be able to help and how the office functioned. I was stunned. That evening when I told my husband about the exam, we were both moved to tears at the thought that maybe I would be able to regain some of what I had lost.

I have only been going to see Dr. Rosenthal for a very short time. However, after only two weeks, I was able to walk up and down the stairs in my house several times in one day without wearing myself out. I was able to stay up past my kids' bedtime for the first time in a year or two. I was able to play with my kids and still manage to do the necessities around the house. And, for the first time in far too long, I felt no pain for short periods. I am not saying that I was “cured.” However, my “good days” did reach a new high. And my bad days have gotten better. And I have had only a few “sick days” since my second week of treatment. As my treatment has progressed, I am beginning to daydream about going back to work after the baby is older. And, maybe most importantly, my husband and I are both simply overjoyed at the coming birth of our baby. We no longer need to worry about whether I will be physically able to care for the baby.

In general, I would (and have) recommend Dr. Rosenthal and chiropractic treatment to anyone. My treatment here has already given me more relief and promise than years of medical treatment. And I believe that as time passes, I will only feel better and be able to regain more and more of the life that I had lost. My family and I are incredibly grateful to Dr. Rosenthal. And I could not be happier with everyone in the office. I look forward to my visit. And I look forward to discovering who I can be, now that I am finally beginning to be able to manage my fibromyalgia.


Improved Memory, Increased Energy & Less Pain

I wanted to see a chiropractor because I was having aches and pains all over my body every day. I had been dealing with this problem since about the beginning of the year. I didn't try any treatments for my pain, because I never knew that there was something that I could do.M y daughter then told me about Dr. Rosenthal and that she thought he would be able to help me. I thought it would be a good idea to try it out.

Shortly after I began seeing the doctor regularly, I felt relief. I was so happy that my daughter told me to go and see Dr. Rosenthal. One change I have noticed is my sleep pattern. I can sleep better through the night with less tossing and turning. I also feel that the pain, which had been all over my body, has dissipated. I am also now able to do my work around the house as well as go shopping, which is a very nice treat. I noticed a few other changes as well that I wasn't expecting. My energy level has gone up, and after doing my housework, I am still able to spend time with my family. Ever since I started seeing Dr. Rosenthal, I have been able to remember much more. Before, I would have trouble with things here and there. Now it stays with me.

When I think of how much Chiropractic has helped me with everything, I must say that I am very satisfied with my care. It has changed me in so many ways. I have energy. I don't hurt all the time and I remember. I will always recommend chiropractic to everyone I pass because of my wonderful experience.



About a year ago, I started having problems with my neck, shoulders and left hip, and numbness in my hands. I would notice these problems numerous times a week. I tried taking medication that my family doctor prescribed for me, but I would only feel temporary relief. I was not satisfied with the treatment that I was receiving, and I was very worried about the problems becoming more severe.

On the suggestion of my family doctor and some family friends, I decided to try chiropractic with Dr. Rosenthal. Initially, I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but after beginning care, I felt very comfortable. Since starting chiropractic care, not only did my original problems go away, but I also noticed many changes in my overall health. Once I was under care, I was able to minimize and discontinue the use of some of my medications; and I must say that I am much happier being off them.

Since coming in for care at Rosenthal Chiropractic, I have noticed that I have more energy. I am also sleeping more comfortably and soundly through the night. As a result, my work performance has improved. I work more comfortably since my body is feeling better. From the time that I have been under chiropractic care, I noticed that my immune system has improved because I just have not been sick as often as I was before care.

Since being under chiropractic care, I have seen such a difference in my well-being. When anyone asks me about my care or complains of aches and pains, I always tell him/her about how much chiropractic care has helped me and changed my life.



I first started seeing Dr. Rosenthal for aches and pains in my neck, back, and legs. These problems have been ongoing and I would experience these symptoms about 4-5 times a week. In the very beginning, I was skeptical but open to alternative healthcare, I have a dislike for taking medications, so anything that against them, I was willing to give a try.

Along with the symptoms of pain in my neck, back, and legs lessoning, my wife has also noticed a change in my mood. She has realized that since I have been under the care of Dr. Rosenthal my mood has been much better. I've also noticed the difference at work since my mood has made a positive change. My energy level has gone up all around, and my sleep patterns have improved.

All in all, I just feel that my life is a lot better since I have been under to care. My view on chiropractic is simple, “Don't be negative about it, if you haven't tried it - go”, you'll notice a change and think differently about chiropractic care.



I came to see Dr. Rosenthal receive chiropractic care for my many ailments. I was having sciatic pain radiating down my entire right leg to my ankle. When I had to sit in a chair, I felt pain in my buttocks area. I would be unstable when I would walk, so I needed a cane to aid me. I also had frequent gastrointestinal problems. I noticed these problems back in October 2004. Before coming to Rosenthal Chiropractic, my family doctor suggested I get X-rays and an MRI done. After they were looked over, I was told there was a great deal of damage in my spine. My doctor prescribed medication and painkillers to help me cope with the discomfort. All of the drugs caused nausea, dizziness, and sometimes even vomiting. I had an allergic reaction to one of the drugs that my doctor prescribed that ended up causing more pain. My doctor suggested that I go to the pain clinic, but that was not a route that I wanted to go. He also advised against going to a chiropractor. I was extremely dissatisfied with my treatment.

What finally led to my decision to try chiropractic was when I went to a workshop that Dr. Rosenthal was presenting in my community. What he was telling us made sense to me. Some of the other attendees were already his patients, and they were telling me how much he had helped them. So I thought that I would go ahead and see what all the excitement was about. The first time that I went to the office, everyone made me feel very comfortable. The way the staff and doctor treated me gave me hope that there was something that could be done for my discomfort.

Since starting care at Rosenthal Chiropractic, I have noticed so many changes in my health and overall well-being. My severe discomfort with the sciatic pain has decreased to only occasional episodes of pain in my right hip and leg. I can walk quite well now. I don't need to use my cane anymore. My gastrointestinal problems are 75% better than they were when I first started under care, and I would not be surprised to see more improvement over time with continued care. When I started care with Dr. Rosenthal, I was taking Tylenol for the pain. Since starting, I have taken very few in the past several weeks. Now that I am feeling better, I have plenty of energy to do more of the things that I need to get done daily.

Chiropractic has given me the confidence to know that I do not need to depend on drugs to feel better. Drugs are just masking the symptom for a few hours. Chiropractic relieves the strain on my nervous system, and my body can function at its greatest potential. Whenever people ask me about it, I tell them chiropractic is great. It could help them and their loved ones.



I came to see Dr. Rosenthal because my neck and back were injured when I was a teenager with a whiplash injury. I have had minor pain because of my injury for the past 22 years. Over the past few months, before seeing Dr. Rosenthal, my shoulder pain had been severe. I finally decided that enough was enough and I needed to go see a chiropractor.

I had previous treatment for my injuries such as physical therapy and medications. Both would work for the time being but neither would give any real long-term relief. I also feared causing serious stomach damage from the medication. I had been trying for years to get my son in to see a chiropractor for his ADD, but my previous doctor would never give me the referral. When I switched doctors I was able to get a referral for my son as well as for myself.

My first impression of the office was that the staff was very caring and that Dr. Rosenthal himself was very knowledgeable. He would make sure to take the time to explain everything. I was very excited to start care. I began to feel relief from the pain after the first visit, even though it was brief. I noticed long periods of relief after about two weeks and the knot in my shoulder went away after about a month. Now after seven months I am pain-free. Some of the changes that I wasn't expecting to happen were that my energy level went up and my headaches went away. This was great! Now that the pain is gone and I have more energy I'm able to lift weights and exercise more.

This whole experience has shown me that I don't have to live in pain every day, and others don't have to either. I have always been a firm believer in Chiropractic because of my husband's experience after his accident. Now I have my own experience and it's wonderful.



From about 1996, I had problems with neck pain, low back, and sciatic pain in my leg. Some of the problems may have been around longer, but I never really noticed them until my sciatica started keeping me up at night. I went to my family doctor first hoping that he would be able to help me. The doctor first tried giving me drugs, which caused me to feel sick. To keep the drugs from coming up, I would have to eat much more thAn necessary. That caused me to gain weight. Along with making me nauseated, some of the painkillers would keep me up all night. After I decided that I had had enough of the painkillers, my family doctor advised me to try physical therapy, but I saw no results with that either. My daughter urged me to try something more natural, like chiropractic, so I thought that I would give it a shot.

When I came to Rosenthal Chiropractic, it was the second office I had tried. I had a great first impression and liked the way things are done here. It did not feel like Dr. Rosenthal pushed anything on me. He gave me a wonderful suggestion that would help my condition, and it worked well for me. Since being under chiropractic care, my sciatic problem has gone away. I've been working out and eating better. I was able to discontinue all of my prescription drugs as well as any over-the-counter ones I may have taken in the past.

There have been many changes in my overall well-being other than my symptoms dissipating and my health improving. One difference is that my energy level has increased tremendously, and I have also been sleeping perfectly. My athletic performance has changed. I feel stronger and have more endurance. I have noticed that my concentration and mental performance have improved because I am making fewer mistakes. I am rarely sick now since my immune system is so much stronger. I can't even remember the last time I was sick. My work performance has benefited as well since I can do more, work longer hours, and be in less pain. I am also able to go from the early morning to late at night without feeling run down or exhausted and without taking a nap or resting.

Chiropractic has changed my lifestyle in so many ways. I no longer look at things in the same way. My view on medical care and the way they do things has changed. I now know that we are responsible for our health. I have changed the way I eat for the better; no more sodas, junk food, and hardly any fast food. I exercise regularly now because I understand how important it is for my health. Whenever people either ask me about chiropractic or tell me about a problem that they may be having, I just tell them about my experience and how wonderful it was. I also try to tell people who I know to overdo it with the medical route and that there are other options. Some take my advice; others will maybe one day.


Increased Energy and Immune Function

For the past few years, I have been having lower back pain. The pain would flare up every couple of months. I had thought that rest and stretching would help, but the relief was only temporary. I feared that by not seeking serious help, my back pain would worsen. So I decided to see Dr. Scott Rosenthal and find out how Chiropractic could help me.

When I started care at Dr. Rosenthal's office, I felt very comfortable with both the doctor and the staff. As I started to get treatments, I noticed my initial symptoms regressing, just as I had hoped. Then I noticed my general health beginning to improve dramatically. My energy level increased noticeably on days when I was adjusted. With my increase in energy, I now look at my work duties with a different attitude. I have also noticed my immune system has become much stronger since I have been getting adjusted. Everyone I know with allergy problems complains about his/her symptoms, but I don't notice mine.

Since beginning chiropractic care, my outlook on life has improved so much simply because I feel so much better. My experience with chiropractic care has been so positive that I have been trying to get my family and friends under care, too. They all say that there is something different about me, and I tell them it's all because of my chiropractor.

T. B.


“It's difficult to explain but I just generally feel better”

When I first came to see Dr. Scott Rosenthal, I had intermittent pain in my upper back that I have had problems with off and on for years, I would often notice this a couple of times a week. My previous care was with a chiropractor when my lower back “went out” causing severe spasms and pain, I also tried using hot and cold along with muscle relaxers hoping to get some relief. I knew it was only short-term relief but I also thought that the problem just had to work itself out. My symptoms were addressed at the time, but I knew that the real problem was not fixed.

I decided to try chiropractic again when I heard a friend of mine talking about Dr. Rosenthal and how wonderful he is. She told me how she saw (and felt) positive changes when under chiropractic care, so I thought I would give it another try. When I first came to the office I felt very comfortable, the doctor and staff made me feel at ease and welcomed. They take the time to make sure you understand exactly what chiropractic is, how it works, and how your body functions. Since I have been coming to this office, I've noticed that the initial problem that I came in for is about gone. It still bothers me once in a while, but nothing like before. It's difficult to explain but I just generally feel better. I have so much more energy now! I can start an exercise program before I was barely able to make it around the block. Now I exercise briskly and it's enjoyable. My sleep patterns have changed from the tossing, turning, and hardly getting any rest to comfortable, still nights. All in all, this has been a great experience, one that I would gladly recommend to others.