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Blood work performed in the summer and again in the winter (when there is little sun exposure) is the only way to know how much you need to supplement throughout the year. Most people will find that they would greatly benefit from the supplementation of vitamin D3. According to the Institute of Medicine, 4000 IU is the safe upper level of daily vitamin D intake. However, doses up to 10,000 IU have not been shown to cause toxicity in healthy individuals. It is helpful with increasing Vitamin D levels by taking Magnesium in the range of 250 - 500 mg/day along with twice that dose of calcium.

Do not supplement with vitamin D if you have sarcoidosis, a high amount of phosphate in the blood, a high amount of calcium in the blood, an excessive amount of vitamin D in the body, a blockage of the arteries called arteriosclerosis obliterans, kidney stones or decreased kidney function. First, talk to Dr. Rosenthal prior to taking.

Important (ZINC): Do not exceed more than 40 mg of zinc each day. Zinc Supreme contains 30 mg. Check to see if any of the other supplements that you are taking contain zinc (making it unnecessary to further supplement).

Please talk to Dr. Rosenthal if you have any questions.


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