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How Nerve Interference Damages Health

By Dr. Scott E Rosenthal

January 20th marked the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States! This is breaking news for those of you recently rescued from a desert island, lacking a broadband connection in your home, or too busy with your own reality TV film crew to pay attention to the rest of us. Here’s more news:  Around the fourth week of your embryonic development, a very powerful boss took office in your body! Responsible for governing ALL parts of your body, this biological boss can delegate, coordinate and command millions of times faster than you can say Air Force One! This inner president, known as the brain and spinal cord, proudly carries the title of CNS – the Central Nervous System.

Like the Secret Service, membranes called “meninges” protect the brain and spinal cord. Along with the boss, they live safely in the large white house of your spinal and cranial bones. Nerves course from the spine like first-year interns ambitiously carrying classified messages to all the destinations in the body. When the CNS commands with accuracy, the state-of-the-union is OPTIMALLY HEALTHY and the FUNCTION IS BALANCED. Any interference to the proper communication from the CNS to the tissue cells is grounds for impeachment of well-being and ear-marks the body for disease.

Those of you who do watch the news may now feel like you do when given an overdose of talking heads and political pundits. You may be wondering, “Where is this piece headed? Just give me the sound bite.”

The central nervous system controls and coordinates all of the functions of the body… every organ, gland and muscle… EVERYTHING! Interference to the nervous system causes dysfunction and loss of coordination. Disease is the final result of the breakdown of communication between the nerve cells and tissue cells. Loss of nerve supply equals loss of health.    SICK SIGNALS=SICK BODIES.

How does nerve interference occur? The answer can be found in the work of chiropractic’s pioneers, Dr. D.D. Palmer and his son, Dr. B.J Palmer, and more recently from the findings of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. Dr. Lipton is a cell biologist best known for his groundbreaking research performed at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Sick signals originate from one of three primary categories:

  1. Physical Blockage. Poor posture, misaligned spinal bones, traumas, arthritic degeneration and damaged muscles are among some of the physical reasons why the nervous system dysfunctions. These conditions can literally get on your nerves!
  2. Chemical Disruption. Indoor and outdoor pollution, certain foods, different medications, showering in chlorinated water, alcohol, artificial additives, and industrial products are among the thousands of chemicals that damage the delicate transmission of nerve impulses. If you ask your nerves what’s going on while washing down a red dye#3 glazed donut with a diet soda, after taking two pain pills, while sitting at a red light one mile from the refinery, they would tell you that “better living through chemistry” is highly suspect.
  3. Destructive Subconscious Beliefs. The beliefs that we hold programmed in our subconscious mind control most of our internal and external lives. Instead of interference along the spinal cord and nerve pathways, sick signals can originate in the brain from the subconscious beliefs that are stored on our internal hard drives. Our beliefs dictate how we respond externally and internally to our environment. Think about a seasoned speaker in front of a large crowd. His or her blood pressure remains unchanged, stomach acid levels are normal and the mind is calm and clear. Survival is easy and physiology is mostly unchanged. Take the same crowd and place before it a person with a long held belief that public speaking ranks above death as the most feared experience in life. His or her nervous system sends different signals throughout the body. These signals, over time, cause altered physiological responses and may sicken the body. Even simple every day events can trigger a response that may rob us of our potential and health.

How can you bring your signals back to a clear and normal state? Below are a few examples of possible solutions for each of the three categories:

  • Be mindful of posture, yoga, chiropractic care and ergonomic work, and home environments.
  • Eat natural foods free of artificial ingredients. Use water and air filters. Talk to your doctor about life style changes and alternatives to drugs. Use natural cleaning and personal products.
  • Become educated on mindfulness, meditation, hypnosis and many of the other techniques and modalities used for changing or rewriting subconscious beliefs.

By understanding the full jurisdiction of your body’s commander and chief, a new era of health can be ushered in. If your BEST HEALTH is desired, go right to the top of the chain of command. Perform all that is necessary to ensure that the central nervous system can govern free of the corruption of sick signals. This may require reevaluating your choices and/or seeking professional assistance. After all, inaction may be costly. Who needs another bail out – especially of ill body parts overtaxed by poor neurological leadership?