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Follow the Clues!

“Never trust to general impressions, but concentrate yourself upon details.” Sherlock Holmes

By Dr. Nick Marini

Yes, we DO work on other areas of the body besides the spine. This includes the jaws, feet, elbows, knees, etc. Why? Because every part of the body has a normal position and structure but can become shifted out of place. This may lead to well-known conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, frozen shoulder, or plantar fasciitis (to name a few). Fortunately, by taking a structural and functional approach, we have been able to help many overcome problems not always associated with standard chiropractic care.

As the Sherlock Holmes quote implies, Dr. Scott and I act as detectives, reading the clues that you tell us AND the clues your body shows us. For example, pain in the knee may be a clue that something in the pelvis is problematic. Fix the pelvis and the knee gets better. A symptom such as indigestion could be due to a subluxation in the midback or an upward shift of the stomach. A headache could be related to a subluxation in the jaw or upper neck. The pain and discomfort you feel are important clues! Even if you think it’s unrelated, let us know. You’d be shocked how many times someone mentions a random feeling which sparks an “AHA!” moment.

The bottom line is that when Dr. Scott or I follow the clues and correct the underlying issue, you may be amazed about how many things start working and feeling better. So on your next visit, be the “Watson” to our “Sherlock Holmes.” Together we will work to solve the mysteries robbing you of optimum health.

Dr. Nick Marini sees chiropractic patients in our Wilmington, DE office

June 07, 2023