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Imagine you are a doctor. You have just completed years of grueling tests and countless hours in the classroom. You have new shoes, a pressed shirt, caring eyes and a soothing voice. With a thirst to start alleviating the suffering of humankind, you eagerly await your first new patient. Today is your day, and two people are on your schedule for their first visits.

Your assistant has the voice of a song bird as she trills the most beautiful line you have heard since deciding to become a healer, “Doctor, Mrs. Sonsie is in room one.” Hardly containing your excitement, you burst into the room like a firefighter to the rescue. Mrs. Sonsie, though somewhat startled, manages to smile and say, “Oh, good morning doctor.” You are delighted. Your eyes are filled with the sight of a fit and vibrant Mrs. Sonsie. Her skin glows with a healthy radiance. All of her vital signs, exam findings and lab results fall within optimum ranges. She is completely drug-free. You quickly learn that she is very interested in living a healthy life style from the kitchen to the gym. She is passionate about her spiritual life and filled with gratitude. The visit ends with Mrs. Sonsie scheduling for a future wellness visit.

Another song floats from the intercom, “Doctor, Mrs. Donsie is in room two.” Still high from your previous patient encounter, you are greeted with a voice that labors to push each syllable out. Mrs. Donsie gasps, “I hope… you can help me... none of the other doctors… could!” She further states that she didn’t do anything to make herself unhealthy, and is just unlucky like her parents were. Mrs. Donsie's medical history lists diabetes, high blood pressure, constipation, and obesity. Lab findings rank her in many high risk categories. She is on nine prescription medications and anywhere from three to five over-the-counter concoctions, depending, evidently, on which way the wind is blowing. After reviewing the poor choices that Mrs. Donsie makes that range from the drive-through window to the couch, and her current state of health, you get your first reality check. Mrs. Donsie is like so many Americans that will enter your office!

Your quality of life, health and length of life are largely shaped by the choices you make every day. As obvious as this statement sounds, too many in our society continue on a path of self-destruction. Today is the day to give yourself a valuable gift that will pay dividends for years to come. You may be wondering how this article will motivate you to change your ways when Oprah, Dr. Oz and that salad-eating fitness nut couldn’t get you on the right path. Perhaps your chosen path is the path of denial. Come on- don't deny it! It is my hope that this article will provide you with a simple message and a plan that is easy to follow.

Your lifestyle either contributes to your greater health or robs you of it. In chiropractic, we use the terms constructive or destructive survival values. Making choices that are constructive or health-building is the key to a brighter present and future. What if you don't know the difference and choose to do something that you believe is health-producing when it's actually destructive? Fortunately, you have a powerful tool that will guide you through life to make the best choices. Best of all, it is already in your mind. It's called CURIOSITY- the desire to learn or know about anything that interests you. It is important to honor your curiosity, take responsibility, and take immediate action to FIND THE EASY ANSWER TO A HEALTHFUL LIFE!

Follow these simple steps and live a more comfortable and healthy life. Avoid or decrease the pain and suffering that is associated with poor life-style choices and denial:

  1. Before you put something in your mouth, ask yourself whether or not it is a constructive choice. If not, change it. If you don’t know, FIND OUT!
  2. Consider your level of physical activity. Ask yourself whether or not it is a constructive choice. If not, change it. If you don’t know, FIND OUT!
  3. The next time you react to what appears to be a stressful stimulus (grouchy coworker, slow driver, etc.) ask yourself whether or not your response is a constructive choice. If not, change it. If you don’t know, FIND OUT!
  4. Just keep asking yourself questions. Make changes! If unsure, KEEP FINDING OUT!

None of us have all the answers. All of us have the ability to ask questions. By taking responsibility, finding answers and taking action, you will achieve levels of health that you never thought possible. Making constructive choices can taste better, feel good, is more comfortable than you think and worth more than you know. Take action now- you CAN be a sonsie person and leave your donsie state behind!

son·sie [son-see]

strong and healthy; robust


don·sie [don-see]

somewhat sick, weak, or lacking in vitality; not completely well